Mancala Rules

 1 Mancala folding wood gameboard
48 colored glass “stones”

 The object of the game is to collect the most stones in your mancala by the end of the game.

Set Up:
The gameboard is made up of two rows of six pits (also called “holes,” or “pockets”).  Each player also has a mancala (or “store”) to their right side on the gameboard.

Place the gameboard between you and your opponent with the long mancalas on each end. Place four stones in each pit.  The colors of the stones are irrelevant. The six holes closest to you and the mancala on your right and yours.






Game Play:

  1. Chose a player to go first.
  2. You can only move the stones on your side of the board
  3. Start by picking up all the stones in one of your pits
  4. Moving counterclockwise, place one stone into each pit until you run out of stones. You place a stone into your own mancala but skip over your opponent’s mancala.
  5. If the last pit you placed a stone into was empty on your side, you take your stone and the stones from the opposite pit and place them in your mancala.
  6. If the last pit you placed a stone into was your mancala, you may take another turn.
  7. The game is over when one of the players no longer has any stones on their side. Their opponent then takes all the remaining stones and places them in their mancala. Each player counts the stones in the mancala to determine the winner.

How to Play Mancala Video